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Content Marketing Blog

How Will ‘Kickstarter Journalism’ Influence Brand Journalism?

Last week the crowdfunding site Kickstarter introduced two new crowdfunding categories: one for crafts and the other for journalism. In their words: [I]t’s more important than ever to make sure journalists have the tools and resources to try new things — whether they’re professionals looking for innovative ways of funding and sharing their work, or […]

SEO Tools for the Long Run

Why can’t search-engine optimization be something you just set up once and be done with it? Why must there always be more waves of tweaks, updates, and changes required in order to optimize for the search engines? Why does it always seem like things are a bit chaotic in the world of SEO? Online Evolution There’s […]

Bold Changes Required in the Age of Brand Journalism

In a recent article titled “Read It and Leap,” The Economist discusses the challenges faced by The New York Times. “[I]t now finds itself in a multi-front, journalistic equivalent of The Hunger Games, battling stealthy youngsters such as BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Business Insider and Quartz,” it writes humorously. The reality is that while fictional […]

Rock-Star Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is not a reactive art form. If you attempt to generate leads and sales through content, it almost never lands unless you spend the time to craft an overall strategy. Random acts of marketing rarely work, and never for the long haul. Planning is the quintessential key to long-term marketing success. So, where […]

The Social Media Prenup

The ramifications of our always-on, social media-driven world may have big effects on our marketing, and even our businesses. As the public becomes more aware of new trends and capabilities, checks and balances may be attempted, and since our work is based on communication, it behooves us to stay abreast of trends as they develop. Our […]

Content Marketing for Thought Leaders

Welcome to the June 2014 edition of SixEstate News: Content Marketing for Thought Leaders. SixEstate is a content and search marketing company powered by professional journalists and editors. We pride ourselves on publishing thoughtful news you can use. Please let us know how we’re doing. The Magic of Innovation Where does innovation, such as software that helps Washington businesses, […]

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