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The Future of Brand Journalism

The Future of Brand Journalism

The Wall Street Journal dedicated an entire section recently to a fascinating premise: “The Future of Everything.” The special report covered diverse industries and personalities (leading thinkers, innovators and artists shared their visions of where the world is heading). Oh, what a world awaits! For Instance: Tony Fadell, founder of Nest Labs, predicted smart appliances […]

Content is King: Embrace the Monarchy

Content is king. Content is key. Content is indispensable. We’ve all heard this, although many of us are still a bit fuzzy on what it actually means. Today we are going to take a look at online content and how to produce “the good stuff.” Defining Our Terms Wikipedia defines content marketing as follows: Content […]

Cockroaches, Email Newsletters, and Brand Journalism

Email is a 40-year-old technology that is not going away for very good reasons — it’s the cockroach of the Internet. Ouch! Those memorable words came from Jason Hirschhorn, author of the popular, 7-year-old Media ReDef email newsletter. Hirschhorn was quoted in a recent New York Times opinion piece from media columnist David Carr, “For […]

My Platform or Yours?

Content is vital — yeah, we’ve got that. Social media is the best way to propagate good content, which is also axiomatic at this point. It’s been that way for years now, and recently we have been seeing signs of an evolution of that paradigm. Someone Else’s Basket Let’s start with some basic thoughts as […]

How to Be Hired as a Brand Journalist

At SixEstate I review the work of a lot writers who want to become brand journalists. Many have one thing in common: They’re selling themselves as writers, not as brand journalists. The problem is, that’s just half of it. Brand journalists are writers, to be sure. They must possess the craftsmanship necessary to get a […]

Don’t Be Lost in a Sea of Content Marketing

Content has always been vital, and today it’s more than ever. Every brand and organization out there is creating content as a means of promotion, creating an environment in which only the useful, the interesting, the valuable, and the entertaining will survive. If you look through our blog, you will find numerous articles about content development, […]

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