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The Magic of Innovation

Business news headlines have been stacked with evidence of the magic of innovation: Facebook pays $19 billion for WhatsApp Tesla is Consumer Reports’ Car of the Year Today’s iPhone capabilities would have cost more than $3 million to assemble in 1991 Airbnb is valued at more than Hyatt 300,000 people have enrolled in a single […]

Brand Journalism Needs to Prevent Cable Company F**kery

One of the biggest threats to an open Internet — an absolute necessity for small businesses and innovative startups — is happening right now. At stake is whether the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will approve a pay-to-play “fast lane.” If they do, large companies will be able to pay for faster and more reliable delivery […]

Online Privacy: Trending Up or Down?

Takedown request. It’s a phrase that usually implies copyright infringement or the pirating of another’s content. Last week a new variation arose as the European Union ruled in favor of an individual’s “right to be forgotten.” The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg decreed that individuals should be able to request that search engines — Google being […]

‘Patent Trolls’ in Brand Journalism

Back under the bridge, troll! The days of digital extortion made easy are diminishing. At issue is personal privacy and how individual liberty ties in with our increasingly digital lives. On Tuesday a federal appeals court held that copyright holders may not abuse the legal process to obtain the identities of thousands of Internet users. That’s […]

I’m Donating This Tweet to Charity (Pls RT)

Tweets, tweets everywhere and not a single one to drink. Or can you? In the example image above I’ve granted ongoing permission to to use my personal twitter feed (@KatieMcCaskey) to deliver messages about the lifesaving importance of safe water and sanitation. (Scary reason why: 2.5 times more people lack access to clean water than live in […]

Inspiration for Creating Great Content From Unlikely Sources

Creating high-quality, wow-worthy content is the secret sauce to digital success. Yet crafting stellar blog posts, articles, and video creations is hardly an easy process. For many, inspiration is the missing link. All of us who have ever stared at a blank screen, begging our muse to bestow us with creative genius, know how challenging the creative process can […]

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