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In this issue:

  1. Feature Story: Buying Your Way to a Bestseller
  2. Free eBook: 12 Steps to Business Blogging Success
  3. Highlights from the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

Buying Your Way onto Bestseller Lists

Rubber Stamp With Bestseller Word Stock ImageIn a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, long-time publishing correspondent Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg outed book PR firm ResultSource for engineering appearances on bestseller lists for clients’ books. In this exclusive article, SixEstate’s Steve O’Keefe, who has promoted numerous bestselling authors, explains the mechanics of an “Amazon Bestseller Campaign” and provides several better ways to boost Amazon reviews and sales.

Click here for the full story.


12 Steps to Business Blogging Success


SixEstate is pleased to announce a new ebook, 12 Steps to Business Blogging Success, a comprehensive guide to help you plan, launch, and grow a successful blog for your business.

The ebook is a core resource you’ll refer to again and again when building and evaluating a content marketing program. Only 20 pages long — the book covers the essentials quickly, using screen captures to illustrate important tools and tactics.

Topics covered in this guide include building a blogging strategy using keyword research; optimizing blog posts and landing pages; internal linking and linking out; how to build an audience for your blog; and much more.

Click here to download your free copy of 12 Steps to Business Blogging Success, and learn how to create blog content your audiences will crave.

12 Steps to Business Blogging Success is written by SixEstate CEO David Reich. Please drop David a line with your thoughts about the ebook or to schedule an appointment to discuss your content marketing efforts.

Highlights from the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

  1. Social Media in the Hunt for Boston Bombers
    Investigative reporter Pat Hartman continues her look at the successes and failures of social media in identifying the Boston bombers.
  2. Content Brands and the C.R.A.P. Machine!
    SixEstate Content Director Katie McCaskey gives her boss some C.R.A.P. in this interesting discussion about the generally low level of quality in content marketing today.
  3. Reboot Run Down: Google+
  4. Reboot Run Down: Facebook
    George Williams, who covers social trends for the blog, reports on recent changes to Google+ profile pages and Facebook feeds.
  5. Fifth Estate Ushering in Sixth Estate
    Katie McCaskey looks at how WordPress has helped usher in a new alternative media that provides a check-and-balance to other powerful players in the culture.

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