About Us

SixEstate is a content marketing and SEO company powered by professional journalism. We help brands of all shapes and sizes project thought leadership and achieve widespread search visibility by creating and sharing industry-leading content with their audiences. Contact us today to see how brand journalismBrand News — can improve search rankings, drive qualified traffic, and generate leads for your business.

SixEstate noun [siks-ih-steyt]

  1. Content marketing for thought leadership.
  2. Intelligent, content-driven search marketing.
  3. Brand Journalism; Brand News.

Origin: The name SixEstate is a reference to the “Fourth Estate,” a term for the mainstream media coined in the early 19th century. The press, as it was called in that period, was considered one of the most influential forces in society, along with the clergy (First Estate), the noblemen (Second Estate) and the commoners (Third Estate). The Fifth Estate has an array of meanings, but often describes forms of alternative media, such as underground newspapers, pirate radio, and even the Internet and public-access TV.

The Sixth Estate is the next step in the evolution of journalism. SixEstate has developed a new model of journalism for brands — Brand News — to generate thought leadership and achieve widespread search visibility.

10 Things You Should Know About SixEstate & Our Work

There are a lot of content marketing and SEO companies out there. What separates SixEstate from the pack?

  1. All SixEstate content is written by seasoned journalists and reviewed by experienced editors before going live.
  2. Our growing network of journalists includes writers from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WiredGlamour, SELF, Chemical & Engineering News, and many more prestigious national, local, and industry news outlets.
  3. Your business will be matched with a professional journalist who has a relevant background and experience covering your topics and industry.
  4. All projects are overseen by a content director who ensures all content is aligned with your goals, tracks success, and coordinates with your team throughout the entire process.
  5. Your content will dominate long-tail search results — achieving first-page rankings for hundreds, or even thousands, of long-tail search queries related to your most important topics — and attracting targeted traffic from search engines.
  6. Unlike other marketing programs, your content will be an asset that grows in value over time, attracting more and more visitors as your archive of quality content accumulates.
  7. Your content can naturally attract media attention by positioning your business as an industry authority and thought leader.
  8. All SixEstate content is team journalism, and you can participate in the content process as much as you’d like. You can review and make changes to blog posts and other content, either before it’s published or after. You can suggest topic ideas to your journalist, and provide expert quotes and commentary. Or, you can sit back, relax, and leave everything to us.
  9. We provide detailed, content-rich tracking reports that explain exactly how your campaign is progressing in a way that’s easy to digest.
  10. We constantly monitor the direction of content, and actively seek feedback from you and your dedicated editorial team to make sure the content is aligned with your objectives, reaching your audiences, and having the maximum impact in search.