Cake for VolunteersOn Social Implications, a blog that covers the impact of social media, blogger Jennifer Mattern discusses a few useful social media tools for nonprofits. Mattern did nonprofit work before starting her own PR firm in 2004, so she is familiar with soliciting donations, planning fundraising events, and volunteer recruitment. Although social media didn’t play such a big role in the nonprofit sector then as it does now, Mattern has some helpful insights for organizations.

Two of the tools she discusses include:

* The 12for12k Challenge is a website that tries to connect its supported charities reach as large of an audience as possible. The charities must meet certain criteria to participate but once approved, 12for12k seeks to unite bloggers and other social media users with the organizations to help raise awareness. It also helps raise money through microfunding. Mattern explains, “Rather than doing what I used to do — reaching out to companies for larger donations — 12for12k is able to harness the power of social media by appealing to a larger audience instead. People give whatever amount they can.”

* is a useful site for volunteer and paid staff recruitment. Mattern writes, “The site uses many different social media tools to connect, educate, and inform members about social and environmental issues, but [it] also incorporate[s] [its] own marketplace-like system.”

Source: “How are Nonprofits Using Social Media?,” Social Implications, 04/19/10
Image by San Jose Library, used under its Creative Commons license.

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