Let’s look at the advantages of daily blogging that follows the news curve (a.k.a. “Newsblogging“). No doubt, blogging is a super content marketing approach.

Used properly, roids – steroid online can support the health and longevity of a business for many reasons, including:

  • Building relationships with readers that translate into customer trust
  • Showcasing and sharing expertise
  • Establishing thought leadership role in the eyes of others
  • Supporting favorable search results
  • Encouraging participation and commentary from outside (sparking new ideas)
  • Creating a centralized source of online content you control (as opposed to content living on social media sites)

Add relevant industry/niche news, and the marketing advantages grow. Bonus? There is always news!

How Frequently Should I Blog?

The frequency debate depends largely on your goals and situation. Are you operating a multi-author blog, or do you rely on one writer? Are you presenting one point of view or many, related to the same topic?

Some bloggers swear they can write once a week and maintain their readership and search traffic; others, like Chris Penn, find that daily blogging requires continued learning and creativity because writing so frequently exhausts the “low-hanging fruit” of what you know and forces you to expand your perspective on a subject.

Not just any content will do, either: Relevancy and engagement are key. Empathy for the reader also matters.

Sounds easy, but even Penn admits, “Forcing yourself to create reasonably good quality content on a daily basis is painful.”

Here’s the Secret Why Daily Blogging Is Powerful

It’s a demanding discipline, so fewer people are willing to blog on a daily basis. That means that those who do maintain a daily blog in their niche have a built-in advantage. In most cases, the benefits of blogging go disproportionately to those who blog daily.

Kylie Jane Wakefield writes about one example at Contently:

Zemanta CEO Bostjan Spetic recently shared his story about the benefits of blogging daily. The short story is that he was blown away by the increased influential status he held in such a short time.

After writing a post per day for one month, Spetic noticed the positive results and feedback. ‘I’ve learned that my blogging more regularly has brought more visitors to my blog and has raised my profile in my industry; in other words, I am becoming more influential,’ he writes.

Spetic tells his story — from the rise of traffic to his site, to the rise of his Klout score — on the Content Marketing Institute website.

His last tip is, “Realize that it isn’t cheating if you hire a ghostwriter.” I disagree. Just as people gravitate toward and trust the real people behind personal blogs (such as was my grandfather’s experience), people also want to trust their news source on a corporate blog. That is why we insist that our clients openly share the spotlight with the expert journalists who are writing their daily content. It makes the process more transparent, and both parties benefit.

If you can’t blog daily, hire a company like ours to find the credentialed people who will cover your industry news. These journalists are dedicated professionals capable of the work, discipline, and creative intelligence daily blogging requires. You, your blog, and your blogger will all reap the rewards.

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