The Blog Posse

Our Growing Network of Professional Journalists & Editors

SixEstate initially launched in 2010 as a Newsblogging company, but we quickly evolved to offer a wide range of other content development services — such as articles, guest blog posts, research projects, white papers and more.

The Blog Posse is SixEstate’s growing network of professional journalists, seasoned bloggers, and experienced editors with credits from some of the most prestigious media outlets and news sites in the world.

Our success, and that of our clients, is a reflection of good, old-fashioned journalistic integrity, combined with pure SEO and social media expertise.

We believe writers are central. We work with seasoned journalists and professional bloggers with subject matter expertise; and we match each client with a writer who has experience covering their topic areas. We abhor “content farms” and other entities that under-value and under-pay writers to scrape together content that doesn’t add value for anyone.

We believe editors are a necessity. Editors bring clarity and structure to content. We work with experienced editors who don’t just know grammar, usage, and style, but who also understand the needs of our clients and their audiences.

We believe a team-approach to brand journalism benefits everyone. Each of our clients is matched with their own dedicated editorial team that includes a professional journalist, editor and content director. It’s the perfect system of checks and balances that results in content that extends thought leadership and achieves widespread visibility for our client.

We’re always looking for talented and experienced writers and editors to join our team. We’d love to hear from you!

What do some of our writers and editors have to say?

Judy Pokras“It’s a pleasure working for SixEstate. They’re a very honorable company, fun to work for, and everyone is upbeat and nice. SixEstate offers a lot of creative freedom, and the flexibility to work remotely. I encourage fellow writers to join the team!”

Judy Pokras
Writing Credits: The New York Times, Daily Record

“Working with SixEstate is pure joy. They make sure that writers are treated professionally and compensated fairly for the time and effort they put in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend starting a gig with SixEstate to any of my colleagues.”

Rajendrani (Raj) Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.
Writing Credits: Chemistry World, Analytical Chemistry

Tatyana - SixEstate Editor“I’ve been a blogger and editor with SixEstate for nearly three years. The editorial process runs like a well-oiled machine: the journalists are well matched and have a lot to offer, and the daily team interaction is a pleasure.”

Tatyana Meshcheryakova
Writing/Editing Credits: AOL, North American Publishing Company

Want to write for SixEstate?

We’re always looking for talented writers and editors to join our growing team. If you’re interested in working with us, please email us with your resume or CV, writing samples (preferably links to online samples), and let us know your topic areas of expertise.

We’ll get back to you when we have a client that fits well with your background, experience and expertise.

We’re always excited to hear from talented and passionate writers and editors. So, please, don’t be shy!