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In this issue:

  1. Feature Story: The Death of Bullshit Marketing
  2. Highlights from the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

The Death of Bullshit Marketing

death-of-bullshit-marketingFor many generations, the primary thrust of marketing has been to lure prospects by creating the image of an ideal result that in practice is unreachable. Now, marketing has come down from “Bullshit Mountain,” and is using digital media and social media to learn about out how people actually use products and services, what they think of them, and how to improve them. This information is then driving marketing campaigns back in the major media world. Instead of being a shot in the dark, marketing is becoming a science, not an art.

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Highlights from the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

  1. Ocean Marketing vs. Penny Arcade: A Thermonuclear PR Meltdown
    This post from 2011 was given new life when it appeared in a thread on Reddit about the TV show, Kitchen Nightmares. Nightmares can last forever when they happen online! Welcome Reddit users to SixEstate!
  2. Flickr’s Amazing Facelift (or Is It?)
    George “Loki” Williams from SocialGumbo scores again with this look at the new Flickr — what’s working and what isn’t.
  3. 7 Genius Ideas for Writing Modern, Wow-Worthy Blogs
    New correspondent Tina Courtney-Brown with seven quick tips on writing better blogs. Can you be confident and humble at the same time?
  4. 12 Features of a “Knock Your Socks Off” Post
    Katie McCaskey knits together a checklist of a dozen items to consider when assembling a blog post designed to pass the test of time.
  5. The Unique Charms of Newsblogging
    There’s blogging, then there’s newsblogging — a team approach to covering current events perfected at SixEstate. Pat Hatman asks, “would you rather create the news, or be its victim?”

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