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In this issue:

  1. Feature Story: Newsjacking vs. Newsblogging With David Meerman Scott
  2. Content Director Katie McCaskey Goes the Distance at RAGBRAI
  3. Highlights From the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

Newsjacking vs. Newsblogging With David Meerman Scott


Steve O’Keefe’s summary of a July webinar by legendary content marketer David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking, Huffington Post columnist and proprietor of the WebInkNow blog.

This article covers the difference between Newsjacking — breaking in on breaking news, such as the Royal Baby — and Newsblogging — using your blog to cover news in your industry, not to praise your own capabilities.

Scott reveals results of a recent study showing Fortune 100 companies that practice social marketing are likely to have share values go up, and those who don’t are likely to see their share values decline. And learn why is Salesforce so interested promoting content marketing.

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Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Content Director Katie McCaskey Goes the Distance at RAGBRAI


What does five days on a bike teach you about content marketing?

Last month Content Director Katie McCaskey participated in Iowa’s annual bike ride across the state. She explored the event’s content marketing strategy in depth on the SixEstate blog. Here are some additional insights gathered while pedaling across the Hawkeye state.

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Photo: Vélocia.

Highlights From the SixEstate Content Marketing Blog

  1. Marketing Trends 2013: Mid-Year Review
    Following up on her popular annual survey of online marketing trends, SixEstate Senior Editor Tatyana Meshcheryakova summarizes two major new surveys on digital usage.
  2. Has Fair Use Created an Unfair Internet?
    Columnist Tina Courtney-Brown takes a look at the $36 million copyright infringement lawsuit against BuzzFeed. Does the site’s aggressive content system constitute “unfair use?”
  3. First Thoughts on Google Glass
    SixEstate columnist George “Loki” Williams straps on Google Glass. Loki is in the test group for Glass and provides SixEstate with his exclusive reports.

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