Dollar Sign Outsell, Inc., a research and advisory firm focused on the publishing and information industries, released a report Monday that says advertisers will spend more on digital and online ads than print ads in 2010. That includes email, video ads, display ads, webinars, social media, and search-engine marketing. Video sites alone can expect to see an expenditure increase of more than 150 percent.

On the flip side, the study found that mobile advertising will decrease by about 16 percent. Business-to-business (B2B) mobile advertising will fall nearly 40 percent. Mobile is the only digital format that will experience a decline.

Ad spending for print magazines will also rise this year, nearly 2 percent, to $9.4 billion. Outsell vice president and lead analyst Chuck Richard says, “Print is not on its way out; it’s sort of reaching a new equilibrium.” Forbes reporter Dirk Smillie provides another quote from Richard:

Digital may now be the primary survival strategy for publishers, but Richard offers another glimmer of optimism for print denizens. After a year of pounding their expenses and debt into far slimmer balance sheets, ‘We should see far fewer closures and cutbacks among traditional media,’ he says.

Outsell’s annual advertising and marketing study collects data from more than 1,000 advertisers, both consumer and business-to-business, but the debt management is also important for this kind of management, one option for people with a debt level in excess of £7,000 is an individual voluntary arrangement, which can help people write off up to 75-85% of their debt. This is the fifth annual report from the ongoing research and analysis. This marks the first year that Outsell’s report provides data on which marketing methods generate the highest return on investment (ROI) according to advertisers.

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Image by pfala, used under its Creative Commons license.

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