Intigi logoIntigi, a new content curation tool, allows you to curate a stream of news items distributed through your blog or social media profiles. In short, it’s a big timesaver for those who wish to provide curated content alongside their original works.

Once you sign up for an account, you then connect it to your social media profiles — Twitter, Facebook pages, WordPress blogs, etc. Intigi will create a “What’s New” page that consolidates content from everyone you follow on those platforms. From there, you can share anything on any of your linked profiles.

The interface, as you can see from the screen captures, is smooth and simple. It also has enough versatility to allow you to add any other regular data source. As a matter of fact, you can import the data from your Google Reader and add all those sources in one fell swoop.

Intigi Post

One of the things that I really do like is its approach to the queue. You can set up items to post over a period of time. Not something unusual to users of programs like HootSuite and the like, but still useful. The way Intigi differs is that items queued for publication are set to publish at intervals over a time range instead of specific times.

Once you’ve added an item, you can look at the queue to see exactly what time it will post. Here’s how it looks:

Additionally, you can set it up to email you an array of items pulled from your sources which you can then share across your platforms with a few quick clicks. For the curator on the go, this can be very useful, and in the format that I like more than offers.

Intigi Email

As we struggle to keep from going under, submerged in an ocean of social media, programs and apps that help us centralize the management of that social media are essential.

Intigi seems like a good one to keep up on. My few days of testing have shown it to be both reliable and useful. It’s pretty solid right now, and I have high hopes for its future evolution. One reason I feel this way is the attitude of its core team.

Just take a look at this video of Michael Fern, Intigi CEO, on an expert panel discussing “The Future of Corporate Websites. I am in complete accord with his ideas about the blend of curated and original content being vital to an effective Web presence. (Some of his best comments on the subject are at the 26-minute mark.)

So, there you have it, an interesting new tool to amp up your curation efforts. Let us know if you’ve tried it — we would love to hear about your experiences!

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