Cover to CoverSteve O’Keefe, SixEstate‘s co-founder, will be a Cover to Cover guest on Saturday, April 24. Cover to Cover is a podcast that focuses on books and the publishing industry, produced by Frank Gromling of Ocean Publishing.

During his guest stint, Steve will talk about online publicity for books and authors, including:

* How to create a 30-minute video presentation for your book that you can deliver live to remote groups using Kyte or Skype

* A radical approach to social networking — How to turn off Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn and not lose sales or sleep, and

* Newsblogging — when you don’t have time to blog but want the benefits of daily blogging.

Steve is a writer, professor, and Internet pioneer who wrote the bestselling book, Publicity on the Internet, in 1996. He teaches Internet Public Relations at Tulane University and is co-founder of the International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC). Since 1994, Steve has launched online campaigns for more than 1,000 books and several of the largest publishing brands, including Dr. Seuss, … For Dummies, RealAge, and Wiley InterScience. His commercial ventures include AuthorViews online videos, book publishing consulting firm Patron Saint Productions, and a new venture, newsblogging company SixEstate Communications.

Cover to Cover airs every Saturday morning at 11:30 Eastern/8:30 Pacific throughout northeast Florida on radio station WNZF (1550AM and 106.3FM) and streams worldwide on the WNZF website. You can download prior Cover to Cover episodes from the podcast’s website.


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