YouTube Reporters’ Center: A Resource For Citizen Journalists

Katie CouricIn light of my post yesterday, Journalistic Integrity In A Real-Time, Social Media News World, I started researching online to see if there were any tools or resources available that might address this issue. I came across YouTube’s Reporters’ Center, which was launched in June 2009.

TechCrunch writer Robin Wauters describes the channel as a tool to “educate existing and aspiring citizen journalists on how to report news in ‘the digital age’.”

This short video sums it up pretty well:

The Reporters’ Center has a ton of videos featuring some of the biggest names in journalism. Some of the videos provide information on fundamental journalism techniques, such as how to conduct a good interview featuring the CBS News’ Katie Couric, and tips on investigative journalism provided by The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward. Other videos focus more on the technological side of reporting: handling cameras, mics, the lighting, as well as the application of social media tools such as Twitter and YouTube.

One of the most valuable videos that caught my eye was PolitiFact’s Guide to Fact-Checking. PolitiFact is a Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking website. In the video, editor Bill Adair outlines five steps to help you ensure that the facts behind your report are indeed accurate.

As YouTube, blogs and Twitter provide real-time platforms to share information, break news and inform millions of users with the click of a mouse, it’s the responsibility of everyone who reports news to do it accurately, transparently and honestly. These tools will help.

SOURCE: “YouTube Launches Reporters’ Center, Wants To School Citizen Journalists In Better News Reporting,” 6/29/09
Photo courtesy of antisocialtory, used under its Creative Commons license.

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