WEB 3.0: The Rise of Online Video and the Death of Privacy

Steve O'Keefe Tonight, I begin my 9th year of teaching Internet Public Relations at Tulane University. I had hoped to have the new edition of my book, Complete Guide to Internet Publicity, in print by now. Alas, publishing moves slowly. Some of that slowness, however, improves the result.

If it were not for writing this book every five years, I would not be forced to consolidate all the notes I accumulate from teaching my class. When I put all this stuff together, some startling insights emerge. Case in point is today’s featured excerpt, the first chapter of the new book, Web 3.0: The Rise of Online Video and the Death of Privacy.

Excerpt: WEB 3.0 (PDF)

Steve O'Keefe Tulane Internet PR Class on SEOAs the U.S. Supreme Court tries to decide whether California Supreme Court hearings may be broadcast online, and as Tulane University tries to decide what to do about students uploading cell phone videos taken in classrooms, and as China tries to decide whether to allow her citizens to access YouTube, these issues are more relevant than ever.

It is my opinion, reflected in the attached excerpt from the book, that the cat is already out of the bag. Before this new decade fades into the next, every classroom, courtroom, hospital and park will have cameras broadcasting live online, and archiving all they see. And that’s going to change the way you want to conduct your business and your personal affairs.

I will be releasing more excerpts and chapters of the manuscript throughout the spring. The bound book will be available in the fall and will be even better than what you read here because there’s still time to benefit from your comments.

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