How Do People Search for News Online?

The Internet As A Leading News SourceAccording to a study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, The New News Audience: Twelve Ways Consumers Have Changed in The Digital Age, there has been an immense shift in how people get their news.

Question: Where do you get most of your national and international news?

Responses to this question have changed drastically since 2000. In 2009, the Internet has surpassed newspapers as the second leading news platform, behind only television. And while local TV, cable TV news, national TV news and newspapers have all been declining in usage by “Americans who ‘regularly’ go to news sources,” Internet usage has skyrocketed.

Here’s the Pew Research Center’s presentation embedded from Slideshare:

Studies such as this show that the web has become one of our most popular news channels. I don’t think anyone will be overly surprised when it becomes the most popular news channel, surpassing even television.

While we know that people are getting their news online, this doesn’t provide any insight into how they are searching for and finding their news online. So, in an attempt to shed some light on this issue, we put together a brief survey on how people search for news and other information online. The survey also attempts to uncover how people and organizations across an array of industries utilize blogging, which has become one of the leading platforms to share news online.

We would love your participation! You can access the survey here:

The survey shouldn’t take longer than five minutes, and it doesn’t require providing any personal or contact information. If you’re interested in receiving the results, there’s a place at the end for you to provide your name and email (only if you want to), so that I can get back to you.

Thank you. We welcome any questions or feedback.

SOURCE: “The new news Audience,” 11/13/09
SOURCE: “Slideshare Presentation: New News Audience,” November 2009
Photo courtesy of lumaxart, used under its Creative Commons license.

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  1. Thank you to Lee Rainie at Pew for putting together that slide show. That’s a nice new feature of online news — the ability to integrate slideshows, video, audio, animation… and to comment, like this.

    Online use has gained at the expense of print, but TV remains strong. I wonder if, as online video gets better, TV will experience the same declines as print?

    Personally, I’m consuming more news than ever from all media in all formats. The world seems more volatile, making it more important than ever to be tuned in and aware.