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Finally, A Company Newsletter Worth Reading!

Newsletter Traffic Spikes

Email newsletters can be a powerful tool or a total turn-off, depending on how they are written, designed, and distributed. At their best, they reward existing customers, impress prospects, empower employees, and inspire media coverage. At their worst, they are unreadable, self-promotional, and a total turn-off to an organization’s most important allies.

SixEstate newsletters are guaranteed to be engaging, because they always have the one thing every good newsletter must have: real news! Our news is generated by Newsblogging, pinpointing the top stories for your brand every day. This core news is supplemented with a feature story written by your editorial team, company news, and other great content.

A successful newsletter inspires action. It reminds people of your brand, gets people to return to your site, rewards active readers, and extends your brand’s position as an Industry authority.

Just as our Newsblogs weave your capabilities into coverage of breaking news events, so our Newsletters blend company information with breaking news that is important to both your brand and your audience. Our newsletters include:

  • Feature stories
  • Employee interviews
  • Organizational News
  • Industry events
  • Highlights from your Blog
  • Industry news roundups
  • And more…

All newsletter content is written by a seasoned journalist who has experience covering your topic area or industry, and all content goes through multiple rounds of editing to ensure everything is flawless when it’s sent to your list.

SixEstate provides complete mailing list management, including list set up, bounce cleaning, subscribe requests, unsubscribe requests, list updates, backups, and compliance with laws governing the use of direct email and email newsletters.

To learn more about how a news-focused newsletter can help your brand connect, engage and motivate your audience, contact us at 646.415.7507, [email protected], or by filling out the form on the right.