Link Building

High-Quality, Content-Driven Link Building Campaigns

Any successful SEO campaign requires link building. Inbound links are perhaps the most important way Google and other search engines evaluate the quality and authority of your website, and that plays a tremendous role in how well your site ranks for target search terms.

As essential as link building is to any online marketing and SEO campaign, it’s a practice that’s often met with skepticism. That’s because there are hundreds of thousands of link builders out there — from SEO firms and consultants to spammers, gurus and ninjas — who have contributed to the sketchy reputation link building has received by obtaining links in ways that are against search engine guidelines, bad for your reputation, and/or completely ineffective.

The truth is, there are right ways and wrong ways to build inbound links. Frankly, most people do it the wrong way. At SixEstate, however, we focus on only the highest quality, content-driven approaches to link building — methods that obtain powerful inbound links from high-value websites and blogs — links that don’t just boost SEO, but also drive targeted traffic, and enhance your online reputation.

The way we see it, good link building is really about brand building.

What is Content-Driven Link Building?

Content-driven link building is the pursuit of links from relevant sites and blogs through the creation and distribution of powerful content that resonates with target audiences.

This could be content that’s published on another site with a link back to you, the source. Or it could be content on your own site that is so compelling that other sites and blogs naturally link to it because it benefits their readers.

The possibilities are endless when your goal is to build links by providing meaningful content. You just need a little creativity and some talented writers, publicists and marketers on your side. SixEstate’s got that covered!

Quality Links Get Results

It’s quite likely that your competitors — just like most businesses engaging in SEO — are not pursuing high-quality links. They’re concentrating their efforts on the wrong way to build links (see below). If you want to outrank these competitors, commit yourself to providing high-quality content and pursuing high-quality links.

If you’d like some more information on SixEstate’s high-quality link building services, feel free to contact us at 646.415.7507 or [email protected]. Campaigns start at $1,500/month.