Blog Outreach

Customized Blog & Online Media Outreach

Blog and online media outreach is one of the most effective online publicity tools available — if it’s done properly. Whatever your initiative may be — promoting a product or service, raising funds for a nonprofit, establishing a new website, etc. — there are a ton of bloggers, journalists and experts writing about your topic, industry or cause every single day.

The key is to reach out to online influencers in a way that actually makes them want to cover you. At SixEstate, we do this by being personal, relevant, and helpful.

Personal. Do you like receiving impersonal, bulk emails, newsletters or sales pitches? Obviously not. Well, bloggers and journalists don’t like receiving unsolicited mass email pitches either. As a result, we never spam or mass distribute pitches to the media. All our outreach is customized for every individual blogger and journalist we’re trying to connect with.

Relevant. You have no chance of being covered by a media outlet or journalist who doesn’t cover related topics to yours. Why waste time, energy, and budget trying to connect with the wrong influencers. At SixEstate, we hand select every media contact we hope to connect with. We do this by immersing ourselves into the online discussion of your core issues, and identifying who the most prominent voices are around those issues.

Helpful. If you want journalists and bloggers to write about you, you have to make it easy for them. You have to provide them with material, or access to material that helps them write the story. Whenever we reach out to online influencers, we always offer them multiple action alternatives — from products to review to interview opportunities to new book excerpts — so they have a few different, viable sources of material to help them cover your topic conveniently for them and effectively for you!

If you’d like some more information on SixEstate’s customized blog and online media outreach campaigns, feel free to contact us at 646.415.7507 or [email protected]. Campaigns start at $1,000/month (minimum of three months).