Professional Blogging

Industry-Leading Blog Content By Professional Journalists & Editors

Newsblogging is SixEstate’s unmatched, team-approach to professional blogging for brands and organizations in every field and industry. Establish thought leadership,¬†achieve widespread search engine visibility, and drive targeted traffic and leads with a powerhouse blog that reaches customers, prospects, the media, and other key audiences.

Brand Journalism Boosts Search Engine Traffic

Monthly site traffic has increased by 350% since SixEstate began Newsblogging for this client in March 2012. And we’re still going strong. The Newsblog remains one of the most valuable sources of traffic and leads for this global organization.

A Revolution in Professional Blogging & Content Creation

Generate thought leadership, connect with your audiences, and achieve widespread search visibility with a SixEstate Newsblog — an industry-leading, daily blog exploring the topics, issues, trends, and news that drive your brand.

With the right commitment, attention and expertise, a daily blog can be the most effective way to connect with the people you want to reach — customers, prospects, influencers, and the media.

SixEstate combines pure blogging expertise, with professional journalism and intelligent SEO to create industry-leading blogs that position your brand as an authority on your most important issues. We’ve been refining our unique approach to professional blogging — Newsblogging — since 2007.

An Unmatched, Team-Approach to Professional Blogging

What separates Newsblogging from other professional blogging services is our comprehensive editorial process and team approach. Every client is assigned a dedicated editorial team to ensure their newsblog has the highest quality content and is making the most impact. Your editorial team will consist of:

  • A Seasoned Journalist: Your dedicated journalist will have relevant experience covering your topic area or industry, and will report on your most important issues every workday — weaving your brand into the conversation, and positioning your brand as a thought leader.
  • A Skilled Editor: Your editor will review every single post before it goes live, checking for grammar, spelling, style, usage, and ensuring that all facts, links and citations are accurate — protecting your reputation by practicing journalism to the highest standards.
  • An Experienced Content Director: Part managing editor, part SEO specialist, your content director will help translate your business goals into blog policy. We will use trackable metrics to guide the direction of your blog’s content and make sure all posts are aligned with your brand — achieving message consistency and widespread search visibility.

Want to learn more about how Newsblogging can help your brand extend thought leadership, dominate search, and reach your target audiences?

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