First-Page Results For Lawyers

  • Are you pulling clients off the Internet?
  • Is your law firm on the first page of Google for target search terms?
  • Does your SEO firm rely on gimmicks, spam or duplicate content?
  • Is your PPC campaign laying an egg?
  • Do you have a successful, high-traffic blog?

Colorado Accident Law BlogIf you want more prospects and clients from your Internet marketing — with less hassle and time investment — we encourage you to try Newsblogging, a proven method for improving search engine position and attracting new clients by providing valuable, targeted and optimized content every day.

Here’s what Dan Rosen, attorney and owner of the Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen, had to say:

“For the past 25 years, I had been advertising my practice predominantly with the Yellow Pages and other offline opportunities quite successfully. Unfortunately, business has changed over the past couple years, and I found a need to get exposure on the Internet in order to get new clients. I tried working with several different legal marketing, SEO and PPC companies, but had no success getting exposure and securing business online. After over a year of ineffective online marketing, SixEstate Communications was recommended to me.

SixEstate came up with a detailed plan which included redesigning my website, daily blogging through a system called ‘Newsblogging,’ as well as other content-oriented tactics. Prior to working with SixEstate, my website was no where to be found anywhere in search engines. After just 6 weeks of working with SixEstate, not only did I have a high-traffic website for my practice, but my site now appears on the first page of Google and Yahoo! for many of my key search terms. I have begun to receive business from the internet solely as a result of SixEstate’s expertise.

I would highly recommend SixEstate Communications to any attorneys looking to improve their website, get found in search engines and generate more business specifically through the Internet.”


Below are more details about Newsblogging and what effective blogging can do for your law firm. For more information, please contact SixEstate CEO David Reich at 646.415.750 or [email protected].

Does Your Law Firm Need A Blog?

Blogs are one of the most effective tools for reaching your target audience online. As local search environments become more and more competitive, blogs have also become an increasingly important part of the SEO equation because they allow you to publish fresh content to your website easily and frequently — and search engines love websites that add good content regularly.

If you’d like to enhance your firm’s online visibility, rank better on Google for target keywords, and/or engage on a more personal level with prospects and clients, then the answer is yes, your law firm needs a blog.

But just having a blog isn’t enough. In order to get noticed, reach your audience, and boost SEO, you need to be blogging strategically and as often as possible.

Do you have the time to do it right?

Newsblogging For Your Law Firm

You’re a lawyer — not a blogger or marketer or SEO professional. You have enough on your plate handling cases and managing your firm. With SixEstate Newsblogging, one of our professional journalists will blog for your firm every day so you don’t have to.

We can help your firm achieve first-page results for target keywords, by providing valuable content that actually reaches your target audiences.

The Newsblogging Formula

We’re not lawyers, so we can’t provide legal commentary. Instead, we blog the news — news specifically related to your practice area, location and audience.

No matter what your firm specializes in, there are newsworthy stories on topic every single day. Good content is the best SEO, and Newsblogging is great content, every day.

Since good content is the best SEO, newsblogs are one of the most effective tools for enhancing your site’s position in search. We develop a keyword strategy prior to launching your newsblog, and we reassess the strategy and make adjustments over the course of your campaign. By publishing excellent, keyword-rich content every work day, your newsblog will rank well in search for those keywords.

For more information, please contact SixEstate CEO David Reich at
646.415.750 or [email protected].

The Top-10 Benefits of Newsblogging

1) It can get you on the first page of Google for target keywords.

2) It works better than print ads, billboards or the Yellow Pages in attracting qualified clients and prospects.

3) If you’re blogging yourself, Newsblogging saves you an enormous amount of time. All you have to do is land the cases we attract.

4) If you’re outsourcing blogging to an SEO firm, your content is most likely falling short, and can’t compete with Newsblogging in terms of quality and impact.

5) We protect your reputation with high-quality content that is intelligent, attractive, and subject to a stringent quality control system.

6) We don’t spam. We don’t use images without permission (that’s illegal). We don’t use stupid SEO gimmicks that often backfire and cause problems for your firm.

7) We rely on quality content — and you own that content!Our posts are proprietary content owned by your firm, which no one else can use without your permission.

8 ) It just gets better and better. Every month, traffic grows, search engine position improves, online visibility increases, as we knock off one competitor website after another and become a trusted news source in your market for your practice areas.

9) When the media looks for expert commentary, they find you first. You get more interviews with the press, more requests for speaking engagements, more respect as a leading news source in your field.

10) Unlike the big legal marketing companies out there, we will never work with one of your competitors in your market, for as long as you’re with us.

You can learn more about the Newsblogging process at our Newsblogging FAQ page.

You can also check out our personal injury case study, which explains how Newsblogging is working for a Denver personal injury firm, as well as our own adventure into the legal marketing space.

For more information, please contact SixEstate CEO David Reich at
646.415.7507 or [email protected].