Brand Journalism

Fuel your content marketing with brand journalism. Drive traffic, generate leads, build authority.

Brand Journalism Boosts Search Engine Traffic

Successful brand journalism extends thought leadership, and generates long-term search engine visibility around the topics and issues that drive your business. SixEstate’s brand journalism campaign for this client has increased monthly search engine traffic by over 400%. How can brand journalism benefit your business? Contact us today!

What is brand journalism?

Brand journalism involves comprehensive, thoughtful reporting on the news, trends, research and issues that are important to your business, your customers, and other target audiences.

Brand journalism isn’t about your brand, and shouldn’t include the usual sales or marketing lingo that you’d find in a brochure or on an “About” Page. Brand journalism, rather, is about establishing your brand as an authority and resource for your audiences on the most important subjects that drive your business.

How will brand journalism help my company?

Brand journalism is a compelling way for your company to showcase expertise and thought leadership on the topics, issues, trends, and breaking news that drive your business and influence your customers.

Brand journalism is an opportunity to stand out from competition because you are offering something of real value: insight and commentary in the areas important to your audiences, allowing you to build lasting authority and brand recognition that propels your marketing efforts.

Your audience benefits from a regular source of news attuned to their interests and needs. Your brand benefits from increased exposure, awareness and influence in your field in the eyes of those who matter — your customers, prospects, the media, and other target audiences.

Other crucial benefits of brand journalism include:

  1. Brand journalism builds thought leadership & industry authority
    By focusing on the issues that influence your customers, rather than your direct selling points, you establish credibility and position your business as a leader on those topics.
  2. Brand journalism earns long-term traffic.
    Quality journalism doesn’t stop performing the day of publication. Successful brand journalism results in an ever-growing archive of valuable content that continues to drive qualified visitors to your website for months or even years to come.
  3. Brand journalism dominates search results.
    Search engines reward content that’s credible, thoughtful, fresh and, most importantly, useful to your audiences. Effective brand journalism delivers just that.
  4. Brand journalism drives qualified leads.
    Today’s savvy consumers try to understand all of their options before committing to a purchase. Brand journalism helps your business get discovered early in the buying cycle, and recognized as a valuable source for relevant information.

SixEstate’s Team-Approach to Brand Journalism

SixEstate’s brand journalism runs like clockwork and delivers brand building credibility every day.  We are able to deliver so consistently because we rely on a team of specialized professionals:

  • A Credentialed Journalist: We match our clients with their own, dedicated professional journalist who has relevant background experience and strong media credentials. Your journalist knows your industry inside and and out, and will contextualize the news that matters, positioning your business as an authority on the industry’s most pressing issues.
  • A Detail-Oriented Editor: Your experienced editor will review all content for spelling, grammar, usage, style, and format. He or she will also verify all facts and sources, ultimately ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality in everything published.
  • An Experienced Content Director: Successful brand journalism is an ongoing process. Your content director will oversee the journalist and editor, and manage the entire content process to ensure the reporting supports your overall marketing and sales goals. 

This dedicated editorial team is one of the biggest factors that separates SixEstate from other content companies. Our team approach to brand journalism ensures quality, reliability and maximum effectiveness.

How can SixEstate help your business?

Since 2007 SixEstate has been a leader in brand journalism through our Newsblogging service. Newsblogging is our team-approach to professional blogging that offers brands a way to demonstrate thought leadership, connect with existing and potential customers, and achieve widespread search visibility around the topics and issues that drive their business and influence their audiences.

For more information on SixEstate Newsblogging, or other effective ways to deliver high-quality brand journalism to your audiences, please feel free to contact us at 646.415.7507, [email protected], or by filling out our quick contact form.